Friday, January 23, 2009

The Journey Back

I will be driving back to Alor Setar later; at around 3.30am, then plan to have a quick breakfast stop over at Ipoh for some dim sum. Expected time of arrival would be around 10.00am and just in time for another round of breakfast with Dad. Sometimes, I come to think of it that my life is very much about eating.

*Looks at own self in the glass reflection of a Starbucks wall* ~ Frappucino and cheese cake - food... food... food... and more food during Chinese New Year.

Oh well, what the heck, life is good. Yum Yum... hahaha

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life Is Good.

It's amazing.

2 trips back to Kuala Lumpur within 2 weeks. It feels like having water after being put to a dry desert for a week! Refreshing to the tastebuds and also rejuvinating to the soul... ahhh... :D Anyway, I've started to design the interior decor for my crib. Been to IKEA for a few rounds and kinda know how I wanted things to be like. I just submitted an ID to a contractor for quotation and let's see how much will be on the tag. I am expecting it to be around RM12,000. Here are some of the things which I wanna do.

1. Level kitchen flooring
2. Kitchen cabinet (complete with acrylic backing) with a huge mama stainless steel sink
3. Induction cooker with hood from FAGOR
4. Re-route pipes and wiring for washing machine
5. Concrete work for divider with tempered glass as full height wall
6. New piping and wiring for air-cond points
7. Boxed plaster ceiling with 4+4 downlights
8. Plaster ceiling for kitchen area
9. Conceal toilet window (so that it wont be smelly in the kitchen area :P
10. 3-pane sliding window for yard covering
11. Additional power points and re-routing telephone point into room
12. Ala china-style clothes hanger

The list could actually go on, but my pockets ain't that deep to allow for that :P So I'd have to leave it as it is for now. Haha... Anyway, life is exciting now with plenty of adventures to look forward to. Since my contract is extended until April '09... and the project which I am working on is going into a very exciting phase... I doubt I would have much time to bother about other issues. LOL.

For now, I'm just looking forward to go back to Alor Setar and celebrate Chinese New Year... so signing off with a Gong Xi Fa Chai!! :D *I know its a bit too early haha*