Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rachel : Walk With Me

I started to fancy a new method in post processing my photos of lately. The wide angle format of movies always tend to fascinate me - well, at least if its done properly without distorting a model's face to make it look like some horizontally challenged pancake. Couple this wide aspect ratio with a slight desaturated look and I obtained a cinema-effect like output.

Off me and Rachel went outdoors for a quick shoot about. It wasnt very far away from our house, and since this series is something I wanna do for her, its gonna be special. So, keep posted on the final output of how I am gonna put up these photos all together.

As for the moment, I wouldnt wanna waste precious space in a single posting cuz there are kinda a lot of photos which I would wanna share in here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carreen & Ivan : Bridal Photoshoot At Putrajaya

Did a shoot at Putrajaya over the weekend as planned. Simon of EternalShots and also Micheal aka Zique were also there to shoot the videos. We headed out to Putrajaya kinda late in the morning, about 10.30am approximately, and I knew its gonna be a hot and sweaty affair :P Anyway, I suggested to them that we do a shoot at the Putrajaya Botanical Garden. So off we headed there.

Unfortunately, the cost of shooting in the vicinity of Taman Botani was kinda high. We were told that we will need to buy special passes in order to conduct any form of shooting. I was rather shocked when the ticket comes at the following price tag :

1. RM150 to shoot within the vicinity of Taman Botani
2. RM200 to shoot within the vicinity of Taman Botani and inside the Morrocan Castle.

Now I was being told that it took the goverment about RM4mil. to build the castle, which was painstalkingly handcrafted by some imported Morrocan peeps. Lemme guess... the taxpayers paid for it, and now we have to pay RM200 to shoot inside, while some foreigners were seen shooting their time off with compact digital cameras without tickets. Great!

Well, I shall not drag this along since its not really appropriate to do so here in this post.

Anyway, we moved along and found a couple of public parks. I made the best out of it (heck I don't need those Morrocan Castle). Sun was kinda high and I had to utilize my usual shooting style - the strobist way! We took turns to shoot video and also photos, and after about 2-3 hours, it's a good wrap.

All of us made our way to Puchong for a jolly good Bak Kut Teh (herbal pork stew) for lunch, and I guess it was a good way to ease the hungry tummies and end a fun filled half of a weekend.