Thursday, March 5, 2009

On The Move : Jinan Day #3

Nothing much special went on yesterday, and here's a quick breakdown of what took place:
1. Gu and Fany went to immigration dept. to collect all the passports. Apparently the rest of us need not go. Which is good, so I can sleep a little more since I has very little rest after finishing talking to mom on skype, only around 6am.
2. Met up with Gu at the hotel restaurant around 11am. We ordered 3 dishes and only 2 came in time. The roasted chicken was not on the table - and thats something which I really wanna eat. Oh well...
3. Checked out from hotel and took the taxi to Jinan Int. Airport. I slept in the cab even the trip was just about 50 minutes or so.
4. At the airport, I chose the check in counter which had the cutest ground staff mending it :P. Boy she was really cute. Anyway, check in was a breeze.
5. The security check point was also guarded by 2 really cute policewomen (I think I should refer to them as Policegirl)... but they look rather sleepy or tired, so I better not try to be a funny arse. It was also the first time I had a lady police who runs thru a body check on me in the airport security!! 
6. Boarded the plane around 3.30pm. Flight took about 2 hours. 
7. Landed in Hangzhou around 5.30pm. The 6 of us booked a van-cab which costed RMB600.
8. Departed Hangzhou and reached  Jinhua around 7.40pm.
9. Tan called and I had to go accompany him on some semi-unofficial event.
10. By 11 I am totally wasted and left earlier. Reached home and landed totally knocked out on the bed due to exhaustion.

That's how everything go yesterday. And today, I am feeling smashed. Throat's dry, head's spinning and I think I am having some slight fever. Called in sick and now I am keying in this entry while I am having tummy ache. Darn...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On The Move : Jinan Day #2

Last night we had some crazy @ss spicy Sichuan food for dinner. Why the heck do we eat Sichuan food when we are at Shandong anyway? Ok, that aside, the meal we had was already a tamed version of what the real deal of spiciness the people of Sichuan would love to have. It was so bloody hot and spicy that I even forgot to snap a photo of the restaurant when I left the place. Nevertheless, I manage to snap a photo or two of the most numbing plater of that night. Feast your eyes on them and imagine how they would fry your tastebuds. Trust me... if you Malaysian chaps think the cilipadi is hot - you clearly haven't land something like this in your mouth.

Asrul tucking into the bowl of oil covered black fish *more like covered with chilli*

Anyway, I woke up this morning with tummy ache - probably due to the spices which found its way in my tummy. Nothing much to do today and pretty much too lazy to go out and walk around Jinan. Although the sun is out, but the low temperature outside pretty much fizzles any encouragement I have to leave the warmth of my hotel duvet. 

So here I am spending the rest half of the day without lunch yet typing and surfing thru the internet. Bah... I think I will just brave the coldness outside to grab something to eat. Will be getting my passport back tomorrow from the Immigration office after getting my Residence Permit done. Until then, cheerios!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On The Move : Jinan Day #1

So... a company of 6 people moved out from Jinhua around 12.30 noon by 2 cabs, and we reached Hangzhou International Airport about 2.5 hours later. Managed to grab some MacDonald's for lunch and boarded the Shandong Airlines small plane at around 3.35pm. Plane departed around 4.15pm and 2.5 hours later, we landed at Jinan.

The weather here is a little dry. Cold and dry. Unlike back in Jinhua where it has been raining for the last week or so. Jinan today is a little better than when I came here 6 months plus ago. Back then I remembered the air was stinking and polluted - thanks to the steel mill which is covered a HUGGGGGEEEE area. Trust me, this steel mill could easily be as big as 30 football fields. 

Anyway, the air is rather fresh now. Which is something good and I ain't complaining about it. The sky is also much clearer now, unlike then which was literrally orange in color and I remembered feeling the metallic taste in my mouth.

That's all for today, and gotta rest soon since it's gonna be a long day tomorrow.