Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love & Love - Featuring Sherrina

Its been so long since I last posted anything on this blog. Life has been very very very busy. Long story short, I was about to give up on blogging actually. Anyway, here's a short MV clip which I did some time ago. Enjoy watching it for those who like such MV.

Some tech info: this MV was made by using D90 for the videos and also D700 for the stills. Post processing was done in CS4 and video editing was done using apple's iMovie'09.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Website Coming Soon

I'm amid designing and creating my own brand new website. Thanks to iLife'09 which I purchased recently, I can now create websites much more easily. I never knew Apple stuffs are so user friendly - not only in terms of managing and editing graphics and videos - but also editing songs, musics and now to creating websites!

Here's a short teaser on how the general layout is gonna be like. I'm still cracking my head on how to make it a little more user friendly and less words. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back In Business

Okay, I am back in business - well at least for the moment :P 

Tomorrow is my first wedding assignment for the year 2009 ever since I left shooting weddings about a year plus ago due to my China assignment. And I am packing a spanking new NIKON D90 with me which I just bought about 2 hours ago :P

My wedding shooting style and products will see a change. I will be combining videos as well as still photos as my deliverables. The photos will still be the same fine art-ish, candid moment shots... but the additional video clips would be something special I believe. We'll see how it goes for tomorrow's wedding. This D90 will also serve as my back-up DSLR just in case if my D700 does ever give up on me (which I highly doubt so it would but nevertheless... I wont take any chances).

By the way, tomorrow's wedding will require me to travel from Puchong to Seremban and back. So.... plenty of rest and charging of batts needed. Signing off!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Reno #4: Kitchen Draft

I have drafted how I wanted the kitchen to be. Just purchased a refrigerator which I am making ice with right now (Malaysia is a hot place to be... so need plenty of ice). Will be buying some fruits and put in some cold water to lower my body temperature later :). Anyway, the FAGOR hood and also 3-burner hob was also delivered. So now I lack a crucial sink bowl and a nice faucet to go with this setup. 

Hao Hua just provided me a quotation for this kitchen cabinet; and its gonna cost me MYR3740.00 if I were to go with laminated top. And if I were to opt for a solid surface worktop, the total sum would blow up to be MYR5942.00 and this price difference would equal to approximately MYR2100.00.

Wondering which should I go with....

By the way, I've done 2 similar themes, but one with chilli red walls, and another is fresh lime green walls... which is nicer? :P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Reno #3: Up Next...

I just received quotation from one of the kitchen cabinet makers. I am customizing my dining table to make it a built in one, with telephone socket ready, a power point for future wifi router built into it. The wiring is ready on the floor now since that the cementing and floor tiles has been laid. Anyway, this post will be about the next round of pain to my pockets which I need to endure in this series of renovation.

Custom dining table with solid surface top, a 5ft. height 10mm thick tempered glass divider, a stainless steel leg, and a simple cabinet on the other end - this would easily cost me a whooping MYR2,300.

The kitchen cabinet would range from anywhere between MYR2,800~MYR6,200 depending on the worktop which I am gonna choose. Its kinda obvious it is only making senses if I choose the solid surface top to match that of my dining table. So... a deep cut that is gonna be. Ouch~!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The RENO #2 : It's Up And Going

These are photos of some reno in progress of my crib. :) The kitchen wall has been knocked down, wiring has been done, air cond piping and wiring also done, and today they just finished installing the plaster ceiling. The outcome is as what I had planned in mind. Lowered kitchen ceiling and nice L box running strip with down-lights. There will be still many KIV and WIP sub-works to be done. Most of them if not all are merely woodwork. Stuff like cabinets and such.

I'm now staying in the master-room, and the A/C is working in there. Thankfully for this otherwise I would have to be a roast ah-jay for another week or so. By the way, that's my buddy Winkert checking out my new pimped out lights in the master-room. :) He's been a good help in my reno project. I'm ushering him to get his own place ASAP so I can repay this debt. :P

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The RENO #1 : Burn Baby Burn

Finally I've settle back into KL and have got some time to think and plan (and by now has already executed) the renovation works for my condo. After such prolonged period of time, and absence from KL, I could finally get things done. Here's a short list of what I have decided on doing when it comes to renovating my place.

1. Bought a king size matress which costed me a whooping MYR3,000 plus. Rest is a must have luxury.
2. Bought a front loading Electrolux automatic washing machine. Only got to know recently that this baby actually heats up the washing water up to a staggering 90deg.C!! Damage MYR3,000 plus.
3. A 6ft. sofa bed which can fold down to become a Deluxe Single sized bed. MYR850.00 here.

Damage done approximately MYR7350.00 and this was back then during my previous trip back to Malaysia. This week's bill is a skyrocketing one. Here's to what's gonna be done...

1. Bought most of the lighting fittings such as the downlights, IKEA spotlights, bathroom downlights. I also plan to change all switches to the CLIPSAL brand which gives a bigger button on the switch. The living room downlights will also feature a dimmer and split controller. 
2. Bought a ceiling fan with a remote control. Ironically, this is gonna be the only ceiling fan in my whole condo! 
3. Bought a 1HP TOSHIBA Air Conditioner.
4. Bought sets of IKEA curtain rail system (3 rail system) and related accessories.
Total damage done to the pocket here : MYR3163.00

And today... the momma of all pocket bleeders... I appointed Hao Hua Reno to do my reno job. Signed, sealed and deal...

Damage done : MYR12,800.00

I'll list down what's included in my next posting, and will make this a serial posting just focusing on my condo's renovation processes. For now, I'll have to settle in my mind on how a total of MYR23,313.00 was already spent... All I can think of now is Burn Baby Burn.... :P

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Repatriation

I've received notice to pack up and move back to Malaysia upon the end of my current contract here in China; which is by this 30th April '09. This was expected and it sure came with mixed feelings. The time which I had here in Jinhua was splendid, although it may be lonely and boring at times. I've been here since July '08, thus making it about 10 months of stay. 

I've made plenty of local friends. Picked up some bad habits and learned to slightly-enjoy the local food :P (sorry but I just cant take the salty and oily food which is a signature for local dishes). One of the major gains which I realized would be the improvement of my Mandarin language. I feel confident now with blurting out sentences in Mandarin. I remember back then when I first landed in China, I am truly like a 100% banana-man. But hey, Mandarin comes like a second language to me now - albeit its still broken like crap :P

So, I've purchased my flight ticket back to KL on this 29th, and decided to change it to 1st of May. To those whom I will miss in Jinhua - I guess I'll just say "see ya again some other time". To my fellow LOTUS brothers in Jinhua, I say "rock on you fellas! life is good! (or so as Mic put it)". And to those back in Malaysia - "I'll see ya soon!".

Ahh... packing now. Then shipping. Till then...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Amy - 說好的幸福呢?

Leong and I had this idea to go on producing a simple MV for quite some time now. I guess he was somehow or rather being poisoned by the WARMTH clip which I did quite some time ago. Having shot Amy just over a week ago gave me an idea that she is very suitable to be casted as a young girl who is having to go thru a period of failed relationship. Leong added that it would be caused by "falling for an older man" - haha...

Anyway the ideas manifested into one form or another and we decided to carry it out yesterday since Amy was not working. Lu Xiao was totting around and helped Leong and I to carry the reflector and also watching out our stuffs :P 

After about 2.5 hours of shoot, I came home and finished up this MV. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back To Business

Wow... its been some time since I last checked my blog and I am glad I did. I have received a few emails asking me if I am still alive and what happened since I stopped posting any posts or photos for about a month or so. Well, life has been really busy and there was not much of a mood for me to be posting ramblings and cock-talkings these days.

Anyway, I guess I am back in the mood now ;) and it's only right to kick start back again by posting photos of the cute Amy - whom I had a photoshoot with just recently. Many peeps who viewed her photos in my flickr asked me (and also made wrong guesses) how old is she. I can tell ya'll that she looks young for her age... seriously. 

I am having another photo session with Amy in the coming weekends :) Keep on the lookout!