Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well I havent been posting and updating my blog for the past couple of weeks due to really tight schedule on my work and also preparing for some shoot. However, I just cant find myself lazing off without wishing the peeps out here who follow my blog a Merry and Jolly Christmas!

Anyway, lets recap what have I actually shot over the span of the last couple of weeks. To be honest - it wasnt much. But the post processing was really really tedious! Well, anyway, I did a quick Strobist Workshop at Putrajaya with Yannick and also Michael, and our model was the cute and lovely Vivien. It was her first time posing for the camera, so she was somewhat stiff. After some time - she did get used to it.

Then I did some test lighting over one of the weekends which actually didnt result in what I was trying to achieve. So... I guess I'll have to try it out again some other time.

And a quick blink of an eye or two - it was Christmas eve. I quickly grabbed my puppy (her name is Bubu) and took a few shots of her wearing her christmas outfit :P then made a wallpaper out of the photos. Its much more like a quickie job... I personally think I should have put in more effort to make the wallpaper - but the lady love it, so I'll just leave it as it is then.

Thats all for the moment, as I put myself back into preparing for a workshop which is scheduled on January 1st 2008, and also another wedding shoot this coming weekend. This time, I will need to travel for about 5-6 hrs up north to Penang to where the bride is. So adios and goodnight world!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eu Bryan & Sing Ai's Wedding

Okay, now I know that I dont actually post up a lot of blogs here. Been literally busy for the past 2 weeks. I went back to my hometown, Alor Setar, Kedah (a small city up North of Malaysia, bordering to Thailand) to attend a friend's wedding dinner on the 1st of Dec. Eu Bryan is a long time buddy of mine. We've known each other since the jurrasic age (literally), along with a lot more of my class of '95 mates. Now he's tying the knot with a lovely maiden Sing Ai, and I would like to extend my best regards to both of them :)

Anyway I car pooled back with Ivan and Calvin on the morning or 1st Dec. Ivan drive thruout the way and I honestly enjoyed the trip. Sorta reminisce the days long gone back when we were all in high school. I was suggesting we should do more such short trips together and even bring along our girlfriends :P, maybe a warm cup of coffee in Starbucks Genting Highlands over a weekend night?? I know it sounds crazy but hey it could be fun.

Okay lemme get back to topic. So, Eu Bryan's wedding dinner. Lets see... met up with a table load of friends. Dr. Murali, Vincent Chan, Hong Peng, Eric Ooi, Calvin Teoh, Ivan and also Vincent Lay. It was good to see them again - especially Eric whom I have lost contact with for almost 10 years if not more!

The wedding dinner was a cool one. There was this huge space in the middle of the function hall for people to dance. Bryan's parents are an avid couple for ballroom dancing (I'm reserving those dance photos as for now :P) and they have invited many such enthusiasts as well, so this is one wedding dinner which I have covered (or more like enjoyed eating this time LOL) where the guests were enjoying dancing away rather than fully concentrating on the food laid on the table top. :P

Anyway, since I am now logged in using WiFi over at Starbucks Ipoh Parade, I'll have to cut this short and try to have another shot of expresso so I can be wide awake to drive down KL later. :P