Friday, March 28, 2008

My Latest Acquirement : CANON EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM

Today is kinda something like a historic day for me.

I've been wanting to have this lens for a long long time, probably since the day it was launched. The one thing which have stopped me from purchasing it is because of its non L (CANON's Professional Series Lenses) grade, and yet a L lens pricing factor. This is a reputable lens which is capable of producing superb image quality - which some say is even better than some L glass' output.

I took the plunge today. Bought this baby and tested it out with my CANON EOS40D. All I can say is the output is really superb. The Image Stabalization works like a wonder, zipping and zapping with its gyro to ensure virtually shake free photos. Colors are crisp and vivid. Chromatic controls are good. I can just sum it up with one word.


Careen's outdoor photoshoot will take place tomorrow at Putrajaya, and I can say that this lens will see its first time action then. :) Until then, cheers!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Careen & Ivan

I was honored to have the opportunity to shoot Careen who is a long time friend of mine. We attended the same University and had been neighbors for some time during my final year in the academic institution. Anyway, Careen and Ivan would be having these lifestyle couple photos which I took for them today pretty soon. :)

We set out around 8am this morning to Bukit Jalil Recreational Park to take some rather simple couple shots. I told Careen I would wanna keep the theme simple and clean for this shoot, in order to extract the most out of Ivan and her characteristics. Thus, fanciful props and other stuffs would be a distraction. In order to achieve this, I just asked them to dress up in simple plain colored tops with denim pants.

The MUA for this shoot was Rachel. She later told me she applied this cool thing on Careen's make up to help reduce oily residue. :) Good for me and the work I am gonna do! Rachel was using Smash Box's Photo Finish - and I am really amazed at the advancement of cosmetics! We did a shoot for a couple of hours in the eraly morning sun, and while Ivan was already sweating, I can hardly notice any "shiny" effect on Careen's face!

Anyway, we wrapped up the shoot around 11am, and proceeded to PJ to meet up with Simon at his place to let Careen try out some bridal gowns. And boy, I am glad she did find something she is ok with in the choices of wardrobes. So, the next outdoor bridal shoot of Careen is scheduled to take place in the coming weekend.

So, stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bridal Photoshoot Package

Phewww... the last couple of weeks has been very busy and tiring. Shot another wedding, a corporate profile shoot, and up next would be a high profile product shot which is of high confidential criteria. To top that up, I've done a few album layouts and printed them out. I guess I can at least go back to my hometown this weekend with a big relief for being able to finish up all my scheduled tasks.

Anyway, I have started offering a photoshoot package for Bridal and also Lifestyle portraitures. I'm currently targeting to provide this service at very affordable price. I've done a thorough survey in the current bridal market, and noticed that many newly weds go through a somewhat scary process by attending to local Bridal Boutiques. In fact I actually walked into a few located in SS2 Petaling Jaya (a local bridal house area where you get about 16 of such shops in an area merely 400sq. meters) and somewhat got very in detail information.

Simply put it this way. One would normally start off by signing up a RM2,800.00 package which comes with many items which seem too good to be true. But of course, this comes with many terms and conditions and also hidden costs. At the end of the day, when one walks out of the shop - there can only be 2 outcome (well probably 3).

1. You will feel happy not knowing how you have been cheated off your hard earned money

2. You will feel angry and sad for having to fork out more money to get what you want, and know you are in that deep hole where you have no options but to spend more.

of course if you are lucky, you will get the 3rd outcome which is; you get a darn good deal and have spent a good amount of money for products which are definitely value for money.

Now, I am to provide such photography services to newly weds, or couples who are so much in love :) and yet prove to them that good things need not necessary be expensive. It might cost you a fingernail or two, but definitely not an arm or a leg :P My services are designed in a manner where I work around the theme "Simplistic Elegance". Some have already asked me how do I manage to get the cost down to such a low level and if there is any catch behind this promotion.

I can say this : There is no catch at all. The reason why I could charge a low rate is because I dont implement massive little details which cost a lot, and yet make very little or insignificant affect on photo outcomes. And these small amounts add up to be what my potential clients saved up. My technique revolves around utilizing dynamic and dramatic lighting for portraitures, and this is what I can promise to deliver to all my clients. :)