Monday, April 20, 2009

Amy - 說好的幸福呢?

Leong and I had this idea to go on producing a simple MV for quite some time now. I guess he was somehow or rather being poisoned by the WARMTH clip which I did quite some time ago. Having shot Amy just over a week ago gave me an idea that she is very suitable to be casted as a young girl who is having to go thru a period of failed relationship. Leong added that it would be caused by "falling for an older man" - haha...

Anyway the ideas manifested into one form or another and we decided to carry it out yesterday since Amy was not working. Lu Xiao was totting around and helped Leong and I to carry the reflector and also watching out our stuffs :P 

After about 2.5 hours of shoot, I came home and finished up this MV. :)


amkayimages said...

wow Jay ! not only you are a good photographer......a good movie director and producer too !! :-)

i like your art direction, very original and fun, real MTV style !!

i really must learn some adobe flash (?) from you !!

ThE SoUL oF CiRCuS said...

nice video slide show ~ ^^
all the photos are well composed and meaningful ~
Must learn from u d, sifu ^^

Jay Han said...

thanks amkay and soulofcircus.
i actually made this clip using iMovie'09.
and pls la dun call me sifu... we are all also learning everyday :) hopefully one day we can somehow collab to do another MTV