Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Repatriation

I've received notice to pack up and move back to Malaysia upon the end of my current contract here in China; which is by this 30th April '09. This was expected and it sure came with mixed feelings. The time which I had here in Jinhua was splendid, although it may be lonely and boring at times. I've been here since July '08, thus making it about 10 months of stay. 

I've made plenty of local friends. Picked up some bad habits and learned to slightly-enjoy the local food :P (sorry but I just cant take the salty and oily food which is a signature for local dishes). One of the major gains which I realized would be the improvement of my Mandarin language. I feel confident now with blurting out sentences in Mandarin. I remember back then when I first landed in China, I am truly like a 100% banana-man. But hey, Mandarin comes like a second language to me now - albeit its still broken like crap :P

So, I've purchased my flight ticket back to KL on this 29th, and decided to change it to 1st of May. To those whom I will miss in Jinhua - I guess I'll just say "see ya again some other time". To my fellow LOTUS brothers in Jinhua, I say "rock on you fellas! life is good! (or so as Mic put it)". And to those back in Malaysia - "I'll see ya soon!".

Ahh... packing now. Then shipping. Till then...

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