Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back To Business

Wow... its been some time since I last checked my blog and I am glad I did. I have received a few emails asking me if I am still alive and what happened since I stopped posting any posts or photos for about a month or so. Well, life has been really busy and there was not much of a mood for me to be posting ramblings and cock-talkings these days.

Anyway, I guess I am back in the mood now ;) and it's only right to kick start back again by posting photos of the cute Amy - whom I had a photoshoot with just recently. Many peeps who viewed her photos in my flickr asked me (and also made wrong guesses) how old is she. I can tell ya'll that she looks young for her age... seriously. 

I am having another photo session with Amy in the coming weekends :) Keep on the lookout!

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