Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The RENO #1 : Burn Baby Burn

Finally I've settle back into KL and have got some time to think and plan (and by now has already executed) the renovation works for my condo. After such prolonged period of time, and absence from KL, I could finally get things done. Here's a short list of what I have decided on doing when it comes to renovating my place.

1. Bought a king size matress which costed me a whooping MYR3,000 plus. Rest is a must have luxury.
2. Bought a front loading Electrolux automatic washing machine. Only got to know recently that this baby actually heats up the washing water up to a staggering 90deg.C!! Damage MYR3,000 plus.
3. A 6ft. sofa bed which can fold down to become a Deluxe Single sized bed. MYR850.00 here.

Damage done approximately MYR7350.00 and this was back then during my previous trip back to Malaysia. This week's bill is a skyrocketing one. Here's to what's gonna be done...

1. Bought most of the lighting fittings such as the downlights, IKEA spotlights, bathroom downlights. I also plan to change all switches to the CLIPSAL brand which gives a bigger button on the switch. The living room downlights will also feature a dimmer and split controller. 
2. Bought a ceiling fan with a remote control. Ironically, this is gonna be the only ceiling fan in my whole condo! 
3. Bought a 1HP TOSHIBA Air Conditioner.
4. Bought sets of IKEA curtain rail system (3 rail system) and related accessories.
Total damage done to the pocket here : MYR3163.00

And today... the momma of all pocket bleeders... I appointed Hao Hua Reno to do my reno job. Signed, sealed and deal...

Damage done : MYR12,800.00

I'll list down what's included in my next posting, and will make this a serial posting just focusing on my condo's renovation processes. For now, I'll have to settle in my mind on how a total of MYR23,313.00 was already spent... All I can think of now is Burn Baby Burn.... :P

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