Friday, May 29, 2009

Back In Business

Okay, I am back in business - well at least for the moment :P 

Tomorrow is my first wedding assignment for the year 2009 ever since I left shooting weddings about a year plus ago due to my China assignment. And I am packing a spanking new NIKON D90 with me which I just bought about 2 hours ago :P

My wedding shooting style and products will see a change. I will be combining videos as well as still photos as my deliverables. The photos will still be the same fine art-ish, candid moment shots... but the additional video clips would be something special I believe. We'll see how it goes for tomorrow's wedding. This D90 will also serve as my back-up DSLR just in case if my D700 does ever give up on me (which I highly doubt so it would but nevertheless... I wont take any chances).

By the way, tomorrow's wedding will require me to travel from Puchong to Seremban and back. So.... plenty of rest and charging of batts needed. Signing off!


Vincent Pang said...

glad that you are back in action :)

Hong CN said...

Safe trip to Seremban and have a great session of capturing the precious moments! :-)