Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Reno #3: Up Next...

I just received quotation from one of the kitchen cabinet makers. I am customizing my dining table to make it a built in one, with telephone socket ready, a power point for future wifi router built into it. The wiring is ready on the floor now since that the cementing and floor tiles has been laid. Anyway, this post will be about the next round of pain to my pockets which I need to endure in this series of renovation.

Custom dining table with solid surface top, a 5ft. height 10mm thick tempered glass divider, a stainless steel leg, and a simple cabinet on the other end - this would easily cost me a whooping MYR2,300.

The kitchen cabinet would range from anywhere between MYR2,800~MYR6,200 depending on the worktop which I am gonna choose. Its kinda obvious it is only making senses if I choose the solid surface top to match that of my dining table. So... a deep cut that is gonna be. Ouch~!

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