Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The RENO #2 : It's Up And Going

These are photos of some reno in progress of my crib. :) The kitchen wall has been knocked down, wiring has been done, air cond piping and wiring also done, and today they just finished installing the plaster ceiling. The outcome is as what I had planned in mind. Lowered kitchen ceiling and nice L box running strip with down-lights. There will be still many KIV and WIP sub-works to be done. Most of them if not all are merely woodwork. Stuff like cabinets and such.

I'm now staying in the master-room, and the A/C is working in there. Thankfully for this otherwise I would have to be a roast ah-jay for another week or so. By the way, that's my buddy Winkert checking out my new pimped out lights in the master-room. :) He's been a good help in my reno project. I'm ushering him to get his own place ASAP so I can repay this debt. :P

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