Friday, May 22, 2009

The Reno #4: Kitchen Draft

I have drafted how I wanted the kitchen to be. Just purchased a refrigerator which I am making ice with right now (Malaysia is a hot place to be... so need plenty of ice). Will be buying some fruits and put in some cold water to lower my body temperature later :). Anyway, the FAGOR hood and also 3-burner hob was also delivered. So now I lack a crucial sink bowl and a nice faucet to go with this setup. 

Hao Hua just provided me a quotation for this kitchen cabinet; and its gonna cost me MYR3740.00 if I were to go with laminated top. And if I were to opt for a solid surface worktop, the total sum would blow up to be MYR5942.00 and this price difference would equal to approximately MYR2100.00.

Wondering which should I go with....

By the way, I've done 2 similar themes, but one with chilli red walls, and another is fresh lime green walls... which is nicer? :P

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